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The importance of CRM for Marketing


In the universe of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) it is still very difficult to understand the importance and value of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.

CRM more than a tool, is a way of working (supported by software of course), a strategy and a sequence of coded procedures for marketing and sales in the company.

The CRM allows you to track and automate everything that happens before acquiring a customer, but also what happens after. In fact, when a lead becomes a customer it is necessary to do a series of activities that without a CRM become very difficult and expensive in terms of time and money.
Today many SMEs do not have a CRM or do not use it properly and this is a big problem for their future.


Often company information is collected in different areas, or commercial agents do not want to share any type of information and this implies the lack of data and information (statistics, projections, etc.) essential to guide the company strategy.

Today having a CRM means having a professional marketing and sales system, for this reason the top management must know it and be convinced of its usefulness. Once the value of CRM is understood and the strategy and tactics for adopting it in the company have been designed, it is possible to decide which solution to adopt.

The entrepreneur must involve the people of the company, so that they are committed to sharing and entering data within the CRM. This allows those who govern the company to have data available with periodic reports or with a few clicks, for this reason they need data in real time.

Often those who have networks of external agents have many difficulties in getting this tool adopted, but there are various methods to encourage the use of crm: the first and most important is to make people understand the advantages of using this tool. , because it allows you to be faster, to have more information and to waste less time on useless and repetitive activities.

Marketing today is made up of numbers and marketing automation cannot be done without a centralized system that accurately tracks the actions of your contacts in real time.

CRM is essentially a marketing database, acquired and active customers, but also potential ones (or leads) generate various information that must be governed: personal data, email exchanges, touchpoints, sharing and downloading documents etc.

Is your company ready to use a CRM? Contact us and we will evaluate together how to improve your marketing and sales!



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