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The importance of social networks for SMEs


Social networks have always been a very important tool for corporate marketing, especially in B2B.

The problem is that many SMEs do not exploit this powerful tool at all, using them incorrectly or not using them at all.

Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, to name the most popular platforms. All of them can be effectively included in the marketing and communication plan of an SME.

When dealing with these speeches, an important distinction must be made between the “routine maintenance” of social pages and sponsored campaigns, ie paid advertising.

Certainly for the first type of activity the company must have an internal management of what needs to be done, a work group, perhaps not dedicated, but which takes care of these activities.

Publishing photos, news, activities and therefore posts made up of texts, images and videos regarding the ordinary company must be managed, even part time, by someone who is inside the company.

A sort of corporate communications manager.


You have to organize yourself in this way if you want to make the most of the potential that social networks offer you.


All the sponsored campaigns, on the other hand, are very technical activities, you can outsource them better if to a professional in the sector.

Marketing is made up of many actions, all related to each other and all to be managed professionally.

Unless you want to play with marketing, which means losing time, money and not getting any significant tangible results.

If you want to improve your marketing and take it to the next level, talk to those who have been doing it for others for many years, contact us

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