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International Social Marketing Strategy


During the creation of online (and offline) marketing campaigns it is essential to understand what your audience is and, above all, how to segment it effectively (to obtain results) and efficiently (to optimize investments) in order to reach the right targets with the right communications, at the right time and with the most relevant channel.

Social networks are an extraordinary means that not only allow you to get in touch with your audience directly, but also to establish a form of multi-channel communication in all senses:

  • from the company to the customer;
  • from the customer to the company;
  • from customers to other customers;
  • from customers to prospects;
  • from prospect to the company;
  • from company to prospect

as long as the playing field is the local one, it is quite simple to configure your presence on social networks in the best possible way: we are talking with users who speak the same language, who know trends and who actually live in the same world as those who are communicating.

Things get complicated and not a little when the audience becomes global or the recipients of communication activities speak different languages, have different time zones, live deeply different traditions, know trends, news and news from a different world from that of who is communicating.

Considering that online social platforms are based on relationships, it is evident that these aspects are more crucial than they are, for example, for a website.

There are 24 time zones, 7 continents, 215 countries and around 7,000 languages in the world!

When facing the international and global context, it is therefore necessary to face the following challenges with attention and determination:

  • being able to be understood by audiences who speak different languages;
  • reach users who live in areas with different time zones;
  • consider the different seasons and the different climatic zones;
  • reach users in accordance with their interests, their culture, their religion, their laws and their traditions;
  • concentrate its activities in relation to its own resources.

These reflections necessarily involve the implementation of a strategy of global presence on social networks which must necessarily be prior to the creation of profiles, editorial plans and related activities: planning strategically is a best practice for each type of activity, but in this context it becomes an essential element.

Does your company have an international social media strategy?



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