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Marketing funnel = getting actions done


Marketing funnels have the purpose of carrying out actions, defined in the design phase of the system, precisely to “lead” the user to the goal you want to accomplish.

This, in our opinion, is the key element of the funnel, given that the design of the system and the composition of the elements starts from the end (the action we would like the user to perform, i.e. the conversion) and not from the Start.

Based on this, the whole funnel is conceived, designed and composed of the elements necessary to give a unique and clear message that leads the user to “live” a certain experience and perform the desired action.


The marketing funnel must be as automatic as possible


Another feature of having a sales funnel is that of being able to create a “machine” that delivers for you the contents you have planned to give (video, pdf etc) and that creates a lasting relationship over time, automatically. , since once set up the machine works for you (24 hours a day, 365 days a year, while you are sleeping or doing other things).

From our experience it is impossible to automate all processes 100% since some aspects are even more productive to have them carried out by humans. We refer to questions received via email or via social media, to the commercial contact to finalize a purchase and assistance for the purchase of a product or service.

What can be easily automated are the aspects related to:

  • create and maintain a relationship over time;
  • deliver content, videos, text etc;
  • stimulate the “consumption” of the materials you have sent;
  • diversify the paths based on the actions they have taken;
  • make automatic bids
  • train and “warm up” the user by transforming him into a potential customer;
  • stimulate sharing and viralization;
  • stimulate the request for feedback.


However, the procedures to be automated must be well designed and optimized because as Bill Gates recalls: “the first rule of every technology used in a company is that automation applied to an efficient operation will increase efficiency. . the second is that the automation applied to an inefficient operation will increase the inefficiency “.

Is your company ready to adopt a sales funnel and automate repetitive procedures?





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